How a Prior Armed Services Member Navigated the Harsh Realities of Becoming a Civilian and Emerged as a Software Entrepreneur

John Davidson from writes a great article about preparing yourself for military transitions. John also gives a good military-focused interview over at

I’m about to start this transition myself. And though I haven’t yet faced these job-market difficulties, I’ve heard many similar statements from my transitioning friends. So I’m working on leveling-up my skills on the side during the remainder of my Active Duty time.

Picking up civilian skills, especially coding, while in a full-time Active Duty position is difficult. But it can be done. And it can only help anyone willing to put the effort in. Giving yourself more options for the future is always a good bet.

Best quote:

Unless your active-duty job involved work with directly transferable, clearly identified marketable professional skills, you are going to meet some harsh realities. The most important reality being that at present the major area of job growth in the U.S. economy orbits companies who produce and deploy software and computing systems. The second most important reality is that civilian companies don’t train their workforce like the Armed Services do.