Coding Bootcamp for Vets:

Title: Coding Bootcamp for Vets:


Fellow vets,

Just learned of a new coding bootcamp aimed exclusively at Veterans – I have no knowledge of the syllabus other than what’s on the webpage, but seems to be similar to other full-time bootcamps. I did speak with the founder a few weeks ago to explain some military terms (he is a civilian) when he was brain-storming this idea and needed some veteran feedback. But I am not affiliated with the service.

Apparently the tuition for the first class is only $1,500 since they landed a good deal of sponsorship funding to offset costs. Job placement services are built into the program.


Contact: Rod Levy,

Note: the website says they are not taking applications, but this sign-up form was just mailed to me. Disclosure – looks like it’s a referral, which I’m not interested in, just linking for further info if needed.

From the founder:

The referral service that I’m using, Red Balloons, was started by a fellow Dev Bootcamp grad, Avi Kaufman. If you have any questions about using it, please let me know.–

Rod Levy