Our $50 Adjustable IKEA Standing Desk



I’ll be the first one to say that my sitting posture over the course of the work day goes quickly from perfect to pitiful. As a designer & developer, I spend 8+ hours at a desk each day clicking and typing away. As the clock ticked forward, my chair slipped backwards until I felt like a single-cell organism oozing under my desk.

Per ergonomic recommendation of our CTO, Aram, we set out to find the best solution to convert our existing desks into standing desks. Since furniture and hardware stores are scarce (and pricey) in Manhattan, we decided to take our business over to the Red Hook IKEA in Brooklyn.

Our Mission:

Our biggest concern was to find parts for a height-adjustable standing desk to accommodate the varying heights of the Stackpop team. When you have a height variance of 5’8" to 6’3", there is no such thing as a one-size-fit-all– and so our hunt began.

We knew we needed both a table-top and adjustable legs. Once inside of IKEA, finding the table top was easy– there are plenty of options. The one we went for was the LINNMON Tabletop (White) at 39 3/8" x 23 5’8" for a whopping $5.99 (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00251338/#/00251135):


The table-legs, however, proved to be harder of a find. There were many table-leg options, but they were either too tall or not adjustable. For myself, I needed about a 9" extension from our existing office tables. With the LINNMON table top being 1 3/8", we had to find legs that would adjust from 7" upwards to 12" for our taller Stackpoppers.

After spending about 20 minutes in the Self-service section, Aram & I happened upon adjustable legs made originally for beds: the adjustable SULTAN support legs for $10 each! (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/45932080/)



After a Sunday afternoon bus and subway ride from Red Hook to DUMBO to Manhattan, we arrived back at our Flatiron office. Unfortunately, the pre-drilled holes in the tabletop formed a pentagon, and the legs we bought had only 4 holes. So we rolled up our sleeves and brought out the handy toolset and started drilling.

Measuring and drilling the holes for the support legs (~1" from the corners):


Securing the legs:






Aram working at his shiny new standing desk:



After a day of scavenging IKEA for parts and a night of assembly with our Biz Dev Director, Schuyler, the rest of the team hopped on board to the standing desk revolution. So far after half a week in, the consensus is that there’s improved energy and focus if you stand while you work. In addition to better posture, you also end up burning a couple hundred more calories standing than you do sitting over the course of a full work day.

Item List Summary:

  • LINNMON Table Top (White) x1: $5.99
  • SULTAN support legs ($10×4): $40.00
  • Screwdriver & Drill bit

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Take a ruler and draw margins of 1" from the corners of the bottom of the table.
  2. Trace the template for the table legs and mark the centers of the holes for drilling.
  3. Using a power drill and drill bits, make holes for the screws to secure the table legs.
  5. Adjust the height of the table by twisting the table legs to appropriate height.



Have any questions about how we made our standing desks?

Send me an email (zethus@stackpop.com) or tweet us @stackpopinc!

Happy IKEA-hacking and happy standing!

– Zethus