RubyMine, Atom and Sublime Text

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I love me some RubyMine. But I didn’t want to give up the great key bindings from Atom and Sublime Text. So I started looking for resources that could help me bridge the three editors. This RMAST (“R Mast ”) repo is the result.

  • I added the best Atom and Sublime Text 3 (ST3) key bindings to the RubyMine (RM) key map.
  • I made a cheatsheet to help drill them into my head


  • RubyMine is great. But being able to jump to ST3 or Atom is very handy and avoids letting one editor “lock you in”
  • ST3 is the “industry leader” with nice key mappings and multiple cursor option. Atom has followed the ST3 lead with most key bindings.
  • I wanted to practice on one keymap that works well on all three editors. And I needed a cheat-sheet to help me practice the most useful editor key bindings.


  • / is used in the chart below to separate similar commands, it is not meant to be typed
  • Where conflicts occurred when adding a new binding, the default RubyMine key binding was removed to prevent future errors & unintended actions
  • Some of the key mappings – such as the RubyMine editor pane management command ‘Split Vertically’ – are not a direct mapping of ST3 or Atom. But they are the closest RM comes to the same intent (in my opinion)

Search & Navigation

RM Keymapping RM Action Name Re-map? Standard RM? Notes
⇧*2 (Double Shift) ‘Search Everywhere’ X Similar to combination of ST3 ⌘⇧P + ⌘P
⌘⇧P ‘Find Action’ X Mimic ST3: “Command Palette”
⌘P ‘File’ X Mimic ST3: “Goto Anything”
⌘E ‘Recent Files’ X Search recent files, better than the default “switcher”
⌘⇧F ‘Find in Path’ X Find in project
⌘⇧V ‘Paste from History’ X Search & paste from clipboard history
⌘B ‘Declaration’ X Go to declaration of method
⌘Y ‘Quick Definition’ X “Peek” quickly at declaration definition with pop-up
⌥- Enter ‘Show Intention Actions’ X Show the “lightbulb” options (“intention actions”)
⌥⌘T ‘Surround With’ X Surround a block of code. Ex. “If…Then…Else”

Tool Windows

RM Keymapping RM Action Name Re-map? Standard RM? Notes
⌘` View > ‘Tool Buttons’ X Adds toggles for “Tool Windows” tool bar on screen edges
⌘8 Other > ‘Database’ X Adds toggle for “Database” tool window
⌘0 Other > ‘Terminal’ X Adds toggle for “Terminal” tool window

Tabs & Panels

RM Keymapping RM Action Name Re-map? Standard RM? Notes
⌘⌃← / → ‘Select Next/Previous Tab’ X Mimic Chrome; 2 modifiers = cycle between tabs in current column (“splitters” in RM terms)
⌘⌥⌃↑ ‘Split Vertically’ Editor Tabs X Personal choice – All 3 modifiers= add/drop/change columns (“splitters” in RM terms)
⌘⌥⌃↓ ‘Unsplit’ Editor Tabs X ‘’
⌘⌥⌃←/→ ‘Move to Opposite Group’ X Personal Choice – Moves the tab to a different column (“splitters” in RM terms)
⌥Tab ‘Goto to Next Splitter’ X Switches cursor focus between columns (“splitters” in RM terms) – ST3 binging of ⌘K or ⌘← / → was unreliable for me due to other Mac bindings; Atom has no standard key mapping

Edit Lines / Text

RM Keymapping RM Action Name Re-map? Standard RM? Notes
⌘] / [ ‘Indent’ / ‘Unindent Line or Selection’ X Mimic ST3
⌃⌘↑ / ↓ ‘Move Line Up/Down’ X Mimic ST3
⇧⌘D ‘Duplicate Line’ X Mimic ST3
⌃⇧K ‘Delete Line’ X Mimic ST3
⌘J ’Join Lines X Mimic ST3 – brings up the line below & adds to end of current line
⌥⌘L ‘Reformat Code’ X ‘Reformats’ or ‘prettfies’ code based on syntax settings: aligns hashes, brackets etc.

Selections & Multi-Cursor

RM Keymapping RM Action Name Re-map? Standard RM? Notes
⌘D ‘Add selection for next occurrence’ X Mimic ST3
⌃⌘G ‘Select all occurrences’ X Mimic ST3
⌘L ‘Select Line at Caret’ X Mimic ST3
⌃⇧↑ / ↓ ‘Clone Caret Above’ / ‘Below’ X Mimic ST3
⌘ Left Click ‘Add or Remove Caret’ w/ mouse X Mimic ST3

Other RubyMine Stuff

Disable Case Sensitivity

  • RubyMine uses first letter case sensitivity per default. This means that if you type e, Exception won’t be offered as a viable completion. This is why I disable case sensitivity completion.

Theme changes: RM’s Monokai theme w/ Darkula background

  • Changed comments to gray
  • Changed editor gutter to gray
  • Changed font size to 14
  • Changed line height to 1.2
  • This is included in the settings above under Colors named Monokai - RMAST

Helpful Plugins

Plugin Description
Markdown markdown support and preview pane
Wrap to Column forces soft wraps at column width, doesn’t apply to text already there, just new text & when text is reformatted
Railways shows quick rake routes display as a side panel
Dash ⌘⇧D for Dash documentation

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